Wednesday, December 11, 2013

LGB, Fabulous Since 1923

Historic Terminal
Elinor Otto and city officials
LGB celebrated our 90th birthday in style on Tuesday, Nov. 26 with a holiday lighting ceremony and light hors d'oeuvres provided by Mercedes-Benz of Long Beach, and a cake given by JetBlue Airways. Guest appearances from city officials and our very own Elinor Otto, 94, one of the original Rosie the Riveters graced the crowd.
Vice-Mayor Garcia in front of the beautiful cake provided by JetBlue

We were able to welcome arriving and departing travelers with food and beverages, modeled after a thanksgiving meal, a beautiful Christmas tree as well as some great music performed by Hedgehog Swing.

Airport Director, Mario Rodriguez, was joined by city officials in flipping the switch that turned on our stunning holiday tree.

Those of us at LGB, would like to thank all involved, from our wonderful sponsors to the those who stopped by to celebrate with us. LGB loves being a part of the Long Beach community and were excited to get to meet and celebrate with some of you that night.

Monday, November 25, 2013

We're turning 90!

Unwrapped and settling
18' tall tree
In preparation for our 90th year anniversary as well as the holiday season, LGB started getting festive. An 18 foot holiday tree was delivered to the LGB meeter greeter plaza outside the TSA checkpoints on Monday, Nov. 25. The tree took three men to put in place and was then spun into position and will be up through Jan. 5.

Testing the lights
LGB celebrates its 90th year as a municipal  airport on Tuesday, Nov. 26 and will be having a lighting ceremony for the traveling public. We at LGB are very excited at having been a member of the Long Beach community for 90 years and hope we can stick around a lot longer. In this the busiest travel season of the year, we want to wish you and yours a happy holiday season.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Flying into LGB for 90 Years

Local pilots flying in to LGB
"Earl Daugherty" answering questions
On Saturday, Nov. 16 2013, local pilots and LGB tenants joined the public in celebrating the 90th Anniversary of  Long Beach Airport (LGB). With all different types of aircraft, LGB opened Taxiway B to the public to look at some local pilots incredible aircraft. We even received a visit from "Earl Daugherty," who is Daugherty Fields namesake. 

Some of our operations staff
We at LGB would like to thank all of those who attended the event and for the kind words that you had to say about us. We also wanted to thank the staff who worked the event, it is with these fine people that the event was able to run so smoothly and safely. Our tenants were also amazing and not only did they have interesting information, but they brought their best as well as really cool giveaways. The event couldn't have happened without those who brought their planes to be displayed, all of the aircraft looked great.

Earl Daugherty was one of the most famous aviators in the U.S. of the time. Teaming with Long Beach stuntmen on a series of "first ever" maneuvers, Daugherty was among the small group of airplane pilots who decided to pioneer commercial aviation in Long Beach. LGB was founded in 1923, making it the oldest municipally owned airport in California. Throughout its 90-year history, LGB has been a source of substantial economic activity and business opportunities, as well as a leader in maintaining a sustainable, environmentally responsible operation.

Getting a tour of the Sheriffs helicopter
Take a look at some of these awesome photos!

The Daisy Pearl
Public Affairs staff
Earl and Fannie Bixby
CSULB Army ROTC Color Guard

Monday, November 11, 2013

An Outpouring of Love

On Veterans Day we celebrate our veterans and the sacrifice they make so that we can have the freedoms that we enjoy. Long Beach Airport and The Paradies Shops have been working together in order to provide some small comfort for our veterans.

LGB and Paradies Shops have experienced an outpouring of love toward our veteran community through the "Treat Our Troops" program, which allows LGB travelers to show how much they care about our veterans.

The ongoing program benefits the Veteran's Hospital and is funded by travelers. Travelers are able to buy items from the Paradies Shops here at LGB to create care packages to send to veterans in need. Paradies Shops staff then delivers weekly packages personally to the Vetern's Hospital, an experience they describe as an honor. And LGB travelers give quite frequently. On a slow morning shift, recently one employee said she had already received more than ten donations. We appreciate our veterans service and are grateful for Paradies Shops in their effort to bringing a bit of happiness into the lives of those who fight for us.

Friday, November 8, 2013

A Moment of Silence

Taking a moment for TSO Hernandez
LGB along with airports across the nation honored transportation security officer Gerardo Hernandez on Friday, Nov. 8 with a moment of silence at 9:20 a.m. Travelers stopped and paid tribute for 40 seconds to TSO Hernandez, who was killed in the of duty on Friday, Nov. 1 after a shooting at LAX. TSO Hernandez is the first agent to be killed in the line of duty.

 TSA made an announcement to travelers at the security checkpoint asking for travelers participation. The moment was a rarity at the airport and we at LGB are ever grateful for the work that the TSA does and the security that they provide.

Video Transcription: Transportation Security Officer Gerardo Hernandez who, gave his life one week ago, while protecting the traveling public. May the work you continue to do as an agency be worthy of this sacrifice as great as the one made by TSO Hernandez. I would like to ask each of you to join us in a moment of  silence in honor of TSO Hernandez.

*Moment of silence*

On behalf of TSA thank you all for your participation.


Monday, October 28, 2013

Wings, Wheels and Rotors 2013

Erika informs an event attendee about the anniversary celebration

Helicopter fly by
LGB was out in full force at the Los Alamitos Army Airfield on Sunday, October 27 for the annual Wings, Wheels, and Rotors Expo. Wings, Wheels and Rotors is a great community event that features almost all things aviation so, naturally, LGB was there.

With aircraft all around, it was hard to miss something exciting. From helicopter and plane rides to paratrooper drops, everyone tried to get in on some of the fun. LGB was handing out TSA kits, pens, tote bags, squeeze planes, sunscreen and lip balm. We were happy to share some goodies with the attendees and were also glad to talk to them about our 90th Anniversary Fly-In event.

The Fly-In is on Saturday, November 16 from 11 am to 3 pm. The event will have aircraft on display with guests as well as food. We are thrilled to be able to celebrate and invite all those who enjoy aviation.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

A Chance Meeting with Patrick Mohr

Patrick Mohr explaining the meaning of each panel
Cleaning the mosaic
Patrick Mohr, a Long Beach native and Wilson High School graduate, stopped by LGB earlier this Summer to give the mosaic he created "Bay of Smokes" a little TLC.

Created in 1986, "Bay of Smokes depicts several different eras throughout the history of Long Beach.  "Bay of Smokes" derives its title from an explorer name Juan Rodriquez Cabrillo in the 1500s, who observed smoke signals rising from atop the hill (now known as Signal Hill).

There are six panels that come together to form this mosaic. Panel 1 (photo below from left to right) represents native Chumash pictographic and painted images, that were once common in caves and rocks in Southern California. Panel 2 is a facsimile of the first map of San Pedro Bay made by the 1602 Don Sebastian Viscaino Expedition. Panel 3 shows the San Gabriel River system as it appeared in 1888. Panel 4 is a cross-section of the geographical stratification of Signal Hill showing the Inglewood Fault and Petroleum deposits. Panel 5 is late 18th and 19th century brands for livestock used by the local Manuel Nieto family on their land grant. Finally, panel 6 is an image of a DC3 airplane produced by Douglas Aircraft in Long Beach.

"Bay of Smokes" by Patrick Mohr

Mohr currently works at the Savannah School of Art at Savannah College of Art & Design and calls himself the carpetbagger of the Southeast . Mohr cleans his work sporadically and LGB appreciates the time he takes and the piece itself.

Located on the south side of the historic terminal, the Bay of Smokes, may be viewed by any person who visits Long Beach Airport.

Monday, October 21, 2013

LGB Honors One of its First Helicopter Mechanics

Presentation of challenge coin
Bernard with his gifts
LGB had the honor of welcoming one of Los Angeles County Fire Departments first helicopter mechanics. Staff welcomed Bernard Rollinger in June when he came for an airport tour. Long Beach Airport's local TSA representative, Chris Tiampo,  presented Bernard with a challenge coin.

A challenge coin is presented to individuals as a sign of membership and has also been used in certain instances to boost moral and is also presented by the unit commander. Earlier this year, Bernard lost his wife Frances and LGB and TSA staff were glad to be able to bring Bernard a small amount of happiness in a period of mourning.

Bernard worked on the Bell 204B and Bell Model 47G helicopters. The 204B was the commercial counterpart of the famed UH-1B military ships. Jet powered with a capacity of 11 persons and a cargo capacity of 3,000 pounds.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Sacred Dancers of Angkor Land at LGB

Welcome to Long Beach!
Councilman Andrews with guests
Councilman Dee Andrews and staff welcomed a group of Cambodian dancers lauded as "highly talented and spiritual" by the king of Cambodia. The dancers landed at LGB on Thursday, Oct. 10. The Sacred Dancers of Angkor is a group of 30 students (ages 12-19) and six teachers who will perform a special blessing in Cambodia Town and a Buong Suong on Sunday, Oct. 20.

Young boy carries his equipment happy to have arrived
As passengers deplaned, city staff waited in anticipation for the dancers. Only after all of the passengers deplaned did the group gather its belongings and filed out to a reception line. They were greeted and thanked for their visit to Long Beach. The group was very gracious and almost in awe at the reception it received, which in turn was reflected in the staffs reaction.

After claiming their luggage the dancers were again greeted by Councilman Andrews and staff who were waiting for them with gift bags provided by LGB. Gift bags included TSA fluid kits, lip balm, a flashlight and an I <3 LB button. The group was all smiles and excited to be on the last stop of its tour and were also excited at the opportunity to see the ocean for the first time. LGB is proud to be able to offer services to a diverse group of passengers and looks forward to being able to continually support groups and communities like the Sacred Dancers of Angkor with convenience in travel. The group came all the way from Cambodia and has preformed in various cities including: New York City, Washington DC, Boston and finally Long Beach.
Councilman Andrews hands a young woman an LGB gift bag

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Testing a Boeing C-17

C-17 Landing at LGB
A Boeing C-17 headed for the Indian Air Force ran tests around noon on Oct. 7 at LGB. This C-17 is a group of seven that will be delivered to India.

Created in the late in the Cold War around the 1980s, the C-17 has become a military workhorse and is known for its ability to land and take off from short airfields and clocking more than 2.6 million flying hours in various peacekeeping and humanitarian missions.

Hawk in flight
As LGB staff took photos, some other visitors tried to steal the show in the distance. Hawks were hunting prey, but in the end it was the C-17 that captured our eye and we were glad that we were able to look on, especially as Boeing readies itself to stop production of the military cargo planes at its Long Beach facility in 2015.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

LGB Gets Neighborly at Seventh Annual Good Neighbor Festival and Picnic

Listening to feedback
LGB Beach balls were a big hit with the kids
LGB staff had the opportunity to get to know our neighbors on Saturday, September 28, at the Seventh Annual Good Neighbor Festival and Picnic, which included music, games and food.

In order to interact with the community we asked festival goers to "like" us on Facebook. Long Beach Airport's Facebook and Twitter accounts are a valuable resource for airport news, noise updates and to get feedback from the public. Additionally, we have added "like" and "follow" buttons in the top right corner of our blog to keep you continually updated.

Staff and volunteers handed out bubbles, beach balls, tote bags, doggie bandanas and animal waste bags. While talking to the community the Airport received great feedback on the concourse remodel. One man said he flies out of LGB almost exclusively because of how convenient it is.

This pet owner is ready to go with poop bags courtesy of LGB
The Good Neighbor Festival and Picnic is a project that Councilwoman Gerrie Schipske, of the 5th District, has overseen for the past seven years and showcases a variety of participants who believe in the community and what it can be when we work together.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Welcome Home and Thank You to the 311th Expeditionary Sustainment Command

Long Beach Fire Department Salutes the 311th ESC

Excited to be home
Soldiers were greeted upon arrival by the Long Beach Airport and Fire Department with a shower salute and a small cheering crowd in September. The 311th ESC's main operations were to execute sustainment and retrograde operations throughout Afghanistan in support of the U.S. and coalition forces.

Members of the LGB staff also attended the event to show our gratitude for the service the 311th ESC provided for this country. LGB staff gave soldiers a small token of appreciation with lip balm and a flashlight.

Soldiers went from plane to bus where they were escorted by California Highway Patrol to Holderman Hall Army Reserve Center where friends and family members awaited their arrival. LGB thanks the 311th ESC for the opportunity we had to welcome them home. 

Welcome home!
LGB Staff showing appreciation.
CHP Escort

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The Special Olympics Plane Pull Breaks Records at Long Beach Airport (LGB)

F-18 Hornets simultaneously took off at the start of the event, giving onlookers a heck of a pre-show!

One team readies for the pull
The 2013 Plane Pull benefiting the Special Olympics in Southern California took off at Long Beach Airport raising more than $85,000. That is up from last year's record of $76,900. LGB has hosted the event for the last seven straight years.

The challenge was to see how fast each team could pull a Fed EX plane 12 feet. An average plane weighs 163,000 lbs. Eighteen teams competed, each donating at least $1,250 to the cause. The highest fundraising team came from Kia of Cerritos, raising $7,200.

The champions this year were the ELA/CHP Gashouse Gorillas with a winning score of 8.64 seconds. The true winners, of course, are the Special Olympics Athletes that benefit from the fundraiser. Funds raised by the event support year-round sport competition and 14,000 Special Olympics Athletes. To find out more go to‎.

Kids were able to get in on the fun, by pulling a CHP plane 
A good-sported chicken waits for a dunk