Friday, October 11, 2013

Sacred Dancers of Angkor Land at LGB

Welcome to Long Beach!
Councilman Andrews with guests
Councilman Dee Andrews and staff welcomed a group of Cambodian dancers lauded as "highly talented and spiritual" by the king of Cambodia. The dancers landed at LGB on Thursday, Oct. 10. The Sacred Dancers of Angkor is a group of 30 students (ages 12-19) and six teachers who will perform a special blessing in Cambodia Town and a Buong Suong on Sunday, Oct. 20.

Young boy carries his equipment happy to have arrived
As passengers deplaned, city staff waited in anticipation for the dancers. Only after all of the passengers deplaned did the group gather its belongings and filed out to a reception line. They were greeted and thanked for their visit to Long Beach. The group was very gracious and almost in awe at the reception it received, which in turn was reflected in the staffs reaction.

After claiming their luggage the dancers were again greeted by Councilman Andrews and staff who were waiting for them with gift bags provided by LGB. Gift bags included TSA fluid kits, lip balm, a flashlight and an I <3 LB button. The group was all smiles and excited to be on the last stop of its tour and were also excited at the opportunity to see the ocean for the first time. LGB is proud to be able to offer services to a diverse group of passengers and looks forward to being able to continually support groups and communities like the Sacred Dancers of Angkor with convenience in travel. The group came all the way from Cambodia and has preformed in various cities including: New York City, Washington DC, Boston and finally Long Beach.
Councilman Andrews hands a young woman an LGB gift bag

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