Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Testing a Boeing C-17

C-17 Landing at LGB
A Boeing C-17 headed for the Indian Air Force ran tests around noon on Oct. 7 at LGB. This C-17 is a group of seven that will be delivered to India.

Created in the late in the Cold War around the 1980s, the C-17 has become a military workhorse and is known for its ability to land and take off from short airfields and clocking more than 2.6 million flying hours in various peacekeeping and humanitarian missions.

Hawk in flight
As LGB staff took photos, some other visitors tried to steal the show in the distance. Hawks were hunting prey, but in the end it was the C-17 that captured our eye and we were glad that we were able to look on, especially as Boeing readies itself to stop production of the military cargo planes at its Long Beach facility in 2015.

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