Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Long Beach Airport Visited by Boeing’s Quietest, Cleanest Aircraft

On Thursday, September 22, Long Beach Airport (LGB) became the first airport to be visited by Boeing’s 737 MAX 8 during Southwest Airlines and Boeing's service ready operational validation (SROV) exercise. Southwest Airlines is the launch customer of the aircraft, which will begin flying in Southwest's fleet late next year. SROV was a five-day exercise where a test aircraft operated some of Southwest's routes and tested various real and simulated operational scenarios including ensuring it meets airports’ standards.

All photos courtesy of Ron Reeves of Long Beach Airport (LGB).
This aircraft uses Leading Edge Aviation Propulsion (LEAP) engines, which are among the most efficient, quiet, and clean engines available. The B737 Max is likely to be one of the last “tube and wing” designs because the need for greater efficiency, less noise, and lower emissions is driving the move to a blended wing design for commercial aircraft.

An important factor in integrating a new aircraft into a commercial fleet is ensuring that it can meet noise regulations, as people are living closer to airports than ever before. The 737 MAX was designed to be 40 percent quieter than Boeing’s Next-Generation 737. After conducting preliminary tests, Keith Leverkuhn, vice president and general manager of the 737 MAX program, remarked that “the MAX noise levels are right where we want them to be.”

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Sky Knight 50th Anniversary at Airflite in the Long Beach Airport

Earlier this summer, Airflite hosted the 50th anniversary of the Sky Knight program on July 27, 2016. The airborne law enforcement program from Lakewood, CA was originally based at the Long Beach Airport. This celebration had helicopters present for the attendees to view and speakers that discussed the Sky Knight Program.
The Sky Knight Program was the first to use airborne law enforcement. As stated in ALEA, there are at least 350 law enforcement units in the United States with helicopters to this date.

Sheriff McDonald
Sheriff McDonald announced, “In the 65 riots, they pot a helicopter up and they saw the benefits there was for being able to see from the sky and communicate with the vehicles on the ground,” when speaking about the beginning of aero surveillance.

Some of the people who have worked for Sky Knight
“This type of aero surveillance is not only out there to fight and prevent crime for residents and businesses and all other organizations out there but it also protects the law enforcement individuals,” April Johnson stated when discussing the purpose of the Sky Knight Program.

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Tenet Partners Recognized for Designing Long Beach Airport’s New Look

On Thursday, September 1, Tenet Partners was granted the coveted Design Merit Award by Graphis, Inc. for creating a stunning, first-class brand experience at Long Beach Airport (LGB). Tenet Partners, a brand innovation and marketing consultancy headquartered in New York City, designed the Airport’s new logo which debuted in 2015.

Graphis Magazine, also based in New York City, is a publication committed to presenting and promoting the work of exceptional talent in graphic design, advertising, photography and art/illustration. Awards are given out annually to over 500 rising stars in the world of art and design. Winners include artists and designers from across the globe.

Congratulations to Tenet Partners for their outstanding work in making Long Beach Airport’s brand a beautiful one.
Long Beach Airport's award-winning look