CSULB Tours UPS Facility at LGB

Nestled away in a corner of the LGB complex is the bustling UPS cargo facility. Recently, students in the Master of Supply Chain Management program at California State University Long Beach enjoyed a tour of the UPS facility. Now, this wasn’t your average sightseeing experience--students were given valuable insight into the operation of a hub-and-spoke network! When students arrived at the facility they were greeted by a long-time UPS employee. The knowledge and skill needed to operate a successful transportation center as part of one the world’s largest airlines is learned through years of experience. Several employees at this facility have worked for UPS for over 40 years.

While touring the aircraft,their hosts briefed them on the importance of security and adherence to FAA regulatory guidelines. They shared insight into the complexities of the UPS operation, including: weight distribution, transporting hazardous material, and time sensitivity. Although this facility only has one flight a day, the work is continuous and the employees work diligently to meet their high standards. Special thanks to the UPS employees who were eager to share their experiences, and to CSULB professors Dr. Wade Martin and Dr. Tom O’Brien and Long Beach Airport Commissioner Phil Ramsdale for organizing this unique opportunity!


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