Long Beach Airport Security Employee Recognized for Exceptional Work

Officer Gerry Wooldridge

For September 2017, Long Beach Airport would like to recognize an employee who has always gone above and beyond the call of duty. Airport Peace Officer, Gerry Wooldridge, began working at the Airport in 2004 after completing the Long Beach Reserve Academy.

Ready to work!

It is not uncommon to have Officer Wooldridge volunteer for a special project or assignment.  He is continually looking for ways to make himself a more well-rounded employee.  Late last year, Officer Wooldridge accepted a Special Assignment in the access control office.  The need was sparked due to some major personnel changes within the Safety and Security Division.  Officer Wooldridge knew accepting this assignment would dramatically change his work schedule, yet he did so without hesitation.  Officer Wooldridge found himself learning a host of new systems and processes, while being expected to perform at a level in which the Badging Office has become accustomed to.  With his feet barely wet, the Badging Office was forced to make the decision to perform a rebadge of the entire SIDA population, with the Sterile Area and AOA on the horizon as well.  To assist the rebadge process go as smooth as possible, Officer Wooldridge volunteered to come in between 0200 and 0300 (5-6 hours before the office opened) to do nothing more than print badges so as to better prepare the office for the day ahead.  Officer Wooldridge also took on an unexpected expense in the form of child care, allowing him to be as fully available as possible.

Officer Wooldridge cheering up a young traveler

While Officer Wooldridge was doing all this, he continuously kept the positive attitude that he has been known for, always offering a smile and the customer service level our tenants have come to expect.  Officer Wooldridge’s assignment in the Badging office concluded just a few months ago, and he is already asking what he can do next to better set up the Safety and Security Division for success.  


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