Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Sky Knight 50th Anniversary at Airflite in the Long Beach Airport

Earlier this summer, Airflite hosted the 50th anniversary of the Sky Knight program on July 27, 2016. The airborne law enforcement program from Lakewood, CA was originally based at the Long Beach Airport. This celebration had helicopters present for the attendees to view and speakers that discussed the Sky Knight Program.
The Sky Knight Program was the first to use airborne law enforcement. As stated in ALEA, there are at least 350 law enforcement units in the United States with helicopters to this date.

Sheriff McDonald
Sheriff McDonald announced, “In the 65 riots, they pot a helicopter up and they saw the benefits there was for being able to see from the sky and communicate with the vehicles on the ground,” when speaking about the beginning of aero surveillance.

Some of the people who have worked for Sky Knight
“This type of aero surveillance is not only out there to fight and prevent crime for residents and businesses and all other organizations out there but it also protects the law enforcement individuals,” April Johnson stated when discussing the purpose of the Sky Knight Program.

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