Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Work Zone: Stay Alert For Detours During Construction

New construction on the airfield at Long Beach Airport began this week, necessitating a new perimeter road route. This new route is directly adjacent to an active taxiway, narrowing the space that taxiing pilots may be accustomed to. As a result, pilots and drivers alike will need to exercise extreme caution, and should have full understanding of the temporary boundaries until construction in this area is completed in about five months.

This construction, the fourth phase of a six-phase project, began last Wednesday evening. The project area is directly south of Taxiway F and west of Runway 16R-34L, and involves four construction zones that are each located on the usual perimeter road. These construction zones will be barricaded, in order to direct automobiles onto the temporary perimeter road – which is located north of the original perimeter road and parallel to Taxiway F.

Aircraft will continue to use Taxiway F during this time, and it has been narrowed to accommodate the temporary perimeter road. For this reason, please be alert and attentive when traveling on either the taxiway or the road.

Phase four of the project will be completed in approximately 5-6 weeks, followed by Phases five and six, which will each take about 5-6 weeks to complete, as well.

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