Monday, August 18, 2014

Children's Stories in the Concourse

M.L. Murray signs a book for a young reader.
On Thursday, August 7, author and veteran flight attendant M.L. Murray signed copies of her book, Plane Manners, at Long Beach Airport (LGB). The first in a series of children's books that teach good manners in any situation, Plane Manners is an illustrated story featuring travelling zoo animals. It teaches plane etiquette and safety to children and their parents. Throughout her book tour, Murray has visited at least 18 airports across the United States and has sold over 3,800 books.

Murray was initially motivated to write the book because she noticed that there was nothing published that addressed children and safety on airplanes. During flights, Murray has witnessed how rewarding it is when children and their families behave well; their polite attitudes and actions positively affect the rest of the passengers. "Good manners are contagious," said Murray.

Plane Manners ($14.95)
Murray began her career as a flight attendant at American Airlines in 1968. She worked for United Airlines and finished her career back at American. She is an involved member of Airline Ambassadors International (AAI) and pledges to donate $1.00 from each book sold to AAI's efforts to assist victims of human trafficking.

Plane Manners ($14.95) is available at LGB, in Heritage bookstores, and in gift shops at 12 airports across the country. It will be available on Amazon in October. Learn more about the author, her book, and her upcoming projects here.

Eileen of LGB Public Affairs strikes a pose.
M.L. Murray loves her fans!  


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