Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Still Truck'n Along: Truck'n Tuesday Celebrates its Anniversary

On Tuesday, June 17, Long Beach Airport (LGB) celebrated the one year anniversary of its monthly foodie frenzy, Truck’n Tuesday. Held on the third Tuesday of each month in LGB’s Cell Phone Waiting Lot, Truck’n Tuesday features a variety of food trucks to satisty everyone’s appetite.

The one year anniversary event featured Mexican-Korean fusion fare from MexiCalbi, cheesy delights from The Grilled Cheese Truck, French treats from Crepes Bonaparte, and frozen desserts from Shave It. Truck’n Tuesday consistently draws passersby and employees from LGB, the city, and surrounding businesses. Local employees observed that the quality of the food and the convenience of the location are unbeatable.

Thomas Gratopp, Tera Hurff, and David Rubi, students from Cal State Long Beach, attended the event to complete a school assignment. “We’re observing how food truck events function as a leisure activity,” said Hurff. Gratopp and Rubi agreed that the food was delicious.

Be sure to join us at our next Truck’n Tuesday, July 15!
Local employees love MexiCalbi.

Tented tables keep everyone cool during summer.

Long lines for The Grilled Cheese Truck!

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