Thursday, April 26, 2012

Employee Recognition

Long Beach Airport is initiating an Employee Recognition Program to acknowledge employees for exemplary service. Each month, one employee will be selected by managers and supervisors to receive recognition and be profiled in the newsletter.

Margarita Wantz, Maintenance Assistant III, was recently highlighted in the City's safety newsletter, Safety Simply Stated.

Margarita Wantz receives her award from managers Carolyn Carlton-Lowe, Mario Rodriguez and Fred Pena 

Wantz was recognized for using proper safety equipment and employing correct safety warnings while vacuuming rainwater in the walkways. The article stated in part, "Margarita is using the floor scrubber around the terminal area to pick up the excess water that presents a slip hazard to the public and our employees. Margarita was in full compliance with the Personal Protective Equipment Policy as she was wearing safety shoes, gloves, high visible vest, and used warning signs and cones to mark off the work area for additional protection."

Merced Alatorre, Maintenance Assistant III, was recognized by a customer who recently traveled from LGB to Portland.

Merced Alatorre receives Congratulations from Airport Director, Mario Rodriguez

The customer's e-mail to us stated, "Every employee at the airport was remarkably courteous and friendly. In particular there was a maintenance employee cleaning the stairs that lead to the airport bar/lounge. He was on his hands and knees with a toothbrush removing god-knows-what from the steps. He was really being thorough. When I came back down the steps they looked spotless. I think people in those positions of employment rarely get the commendation they deserve, hence this email. Please let him know that all he does to maintain that airport is greatly appreciated."

Congratulations and well done, Margarita and Merced! Keep up the good work!



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