Thursday, March 8, 2012

Airports Now the Largest Employers in the US Behind Wal-Mart

America’s commercial airports generate 10.5 million jobs and $1.2 million in total economic impact, according to a new study released by the Airports Council International-North America. That amounts to 1.4 million jobs in California. The report shows that US airports are collectively the nation's second largest employer after Wal-Mart. 

More than 13 thousand employees work on Long Beach Airport (LGB) property alone, including restaurants, airport administration, retail, manufacturers, airlines, lodging and hotels.

It’s no wonder. Working in the travel and tourism industry can be exciting, since you have the opportunity to meet different people from various places every day. Those who work in an airport often receive benefits, such as travel incentives and discounts, and it suits the avid traveler to work with those who love travel as well.

Jace Hieda, Jet Blue Marketing Manager says, “The airports are a place where people come together to start or end an adventure and I enjoy being a part of it. Also, travel has been made more accessible over the past 30-40 years [to everyone] and is such an integral part of our life. It’s thrilling to be a part of everyone’s journey.”

There are various occupations that you can be involved in: such as security personnel through the Transportation Security Authority (TSA); being part of the airplane crew such as a pilot or flight attendant; parking attendants; managerial positions and airports like LGB often depend on volunteers.

[Photography by Long Beach Business Journal's Thomas McConville]

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