Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Long Beach Airport Celebrates Completion of Runway Reconstruction

A ribbon-cutting ceremony was held at Long Beach Airport (LGB) on October 11, 2018, to celebrate the completed reconstruction of Runway 8R-26L, which is primarily used for general aviation. Runway 26L is Long Beach Airport’s shortest but busiest runway.

To commemorate the reconstruction completion, Vice Mayor Dee Andrews joined pilot Curt Castagna, C.M., President/CEO of Aeroplex/Aerolease Group and President of the Long Beach Airport Association, for a ceremonial first flight. The two took off in a Varga airplane from Runway 26L.

Reconstruction began in January 2018 to improve pilot safety and pavement conditions 
HNTB Corporation was the designer for the project, and All American Asphalt was the general contractor. Jacobs Engineering served as the construction manager. Both the redesignation process and the reconstruction of Runway 8R-26L were primarily funded through a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) grant approved by Long Beach City Council last year.

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

The 13th Annual Plane Pull Held at LGB

The 13th Annual Special Olympics Plane Pull was held at Long Beach Airport on August 18. Teams tested their strength and stamina to see who can pull a FedEx airplane 12 feet the fastest. This year, over 200 participated in the inaugural Fun Run/Inclusion Walk that started at Long Beach Exchange and finished at the Plane Pull site. Special Olympics of Southern California (SOSC) raised over $190,000 through both events.  Proceeds will support people with intellectual disabilities who train and compete in life-changing sports programs. Long Beach Airport is proud to partner with SOSC in this worthwhile endeavor.

Thursday, August 2, 2018

Flying Neighborly

Long Beach Airport (LGB) is an economic asset and integral part of the city. Balancing the benefits of the airport while respecting the neighborhoods in the surrounding communities is one of LGB’s key goals. Long Beach Airport’s ‘Flying Neighborly’ program is a community partnership that strives to be responsive to noise concerns and develop ways to keep pilots flying safely and responsibly. With the help of community members and local helicopter pilots, eight videos were produced to help educate individuals on how to minimize the impact of helicopter noise. Individuals that played a part in the production of the ‘Flying Neighborly’ videos were recently recognized at the Airport Advisory Commission meeting. Long Beach Airport Director Jess Romo thanked the individuals for their work with the 'Flying Neighborly' program. The educational helicopter videos are available on LGB's website. Flying Neighborly Videos

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Long Beach Airport Completes Runway Redesignation

After 66 years, Long Beach Airport (LGB) has redesignated two runways for the first time. The runways were redesignated to account for natural shifts in the earth’s magnetic field. Runway 7R-25L is now 8R-26L, and Runway 7L-25R is now 8L-26R. Runway numbers are based on magnetic headings, for example, the runways are known as 8-26 because they face 80 degrees on a compass in one direction and 260 degrees in the opposite direction. Since these are parallel runways at Long Beach Airport, they are marked appropriately as Left and Right. Pilots and air traffic controllers rely on navigational aids and flight procedures that are based on magnetic headings to find their takeoff and landing runways.

While the runways were closed, the crews at LGB worked for five consecutive nights in order to update pavement markings and electrical signage to reflect the new runway designations. Both of the runway names were changed on Thursday, July 19, 2018, at 12.00 am. Although the runways have been redesignated, Runway 8R-26L remains closed for reconstruction to improve pilot safety and pavement conditions.Thanks to the airport operations and engineering teams, construction partners, and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for helping with this momentous occasion.

Friday, May 4, 2018

CSULB Tours UPS Facility at LGB

Nestled away in a corner of the LGB complex is the bustling UPS cargo facility. Recently, students in the Master of Supply Chain Management program at California State University Long Beach enjoyed a tour of the UPS facility. Now, this wasn’t your average sightseeing experience--students were given valuable insight into the operation of a hub-and-spoke network! When students arrived at the facility they were greeted by a long-time UPS employee. The knowledge and skill needed to operate a successful transportation center as part of one the world’s largest airlines is learned through years of experience. Several employees at this facility have worked for UPS for over 40 years.

While touring the aircraft,their hosts briefed them on the importance of security and adherence to FAA regulatory guidelines. They shared insight into the complexities of the UPS operation, including: weight distribution, transporting hazardous material, and time sensitivity. Although this facility only has one flight a day, the work is continuous and the employees work diligently to meet their high standards. Special thanks to the UPS employees who were eager to share their experiences, and to CSULB professors Dr. Wade Martin and Dr. Tom O’Brien and Long Beach Airport Commissioner Phil Ramsdale for organizing this unique opportunity!

Thursday, February 22, 2018

NBAA 'Pay it Foward' Tour visits Long Beach Airport

On February 6, Long Beach Poly High School students took part in the NBAA "Pay It Forward" Tour at Long Beach Airport (LGB). 
Students arrived outside the Signature Flight Support LGB where they were greeted by airport staff along with business aviation tenants and special guest Shaesta Waiz, who currently holds the record for the youngest woman to fly solo in a single-engine plane around the world at the age of 30. Waiz spoke with the students and encouraged them to keep an open mind when considering careers in aviation.
"I challenge you go out there, you may not know anything about aviation but so much of the world is connected to airplanes,” Waiz said. “As you go around and talk to people that are here to support you guys and share their careers, listen closely because I never thought I would be a pilot so anything is possible.”
LGB Director Jess Romo highlighted the importance of business aviation as it makes up 88 percent of the airport’s total operations. Romo hoped that this event would inspire some of the students to choose a career in aviation.
“It makes me very happy to see all of you here today,” said LGB Director Jess Romo. “Business Aviation is an important part of what Long Beach Airport is about and with dedication and hard work, you too can be a part of this great aviation industry.”
The students were split up into groups and attended six different stations with representatives from Long Beach Airport, SoCal Jet Services, Island Express, Signature Flight Support, Pacific Air and Skechers where they learned more about LGB and business aviation. 
Shaesta Waiz taking a selfie with the students as they arrived