Thursday, December 15, 2011

Travel Tips for the Holidays

Once again, the holidays are approaching like a whistling train heading toward the station full of travelers awaiting seat assignments and permission to board. What better time, then, to discuss some travel tips with the hope that it will make your holiday travel a bit more enjoyable. The following tips may seem like common sense to many seasoned travelers, however, with holiday travel days rushing toward us like oncoming headlights many of us forget the basics in our rush to schedule the trip.
Tip #1:  Use Your Long Beach Airport!
Because we are not LAX, which is forecast to be the busiest airport in the nation this holiday, your trip will already be more pleasant by taking advantage of your Long Beach Airport’s easy-in, easy-out facility. And, generally speaking, our ticket prices are the lowest in California. We also boast a “Yelp” rating of 4.5 stars out of five, which is a coveted rating for any business.
Tip #2:  Look for fare sales
Check search engines, airline websites, sign up for email alerts, and pay attention to the social network sites for pop-up fare sales. Even some private jet charter companies are selling one-way “empty legs” on their private jets on Facebook. Some companies are using Twitter to advertise sales as well.
Tip #3:  Travel at off-peak hours and days
Travelers may save a substantial amount of money on their ticket by traveling at off-peak hours, which typically means very early in the morning or late at night during the weekdays. Many times one may find a deal if an airline is trying to fill remaining seats on a route with lower demand. Check the travel websites and compare.
Tip #4:  Try to book early
Try to book your flights at least 21 days in advance. This approach may save you some money. Avoid last minute buys if possible.
Tip #5:  Compare total costs
Using a travel search engine such as Orbitz or Bing is an easy way of quickly comparing prices. These search engines will help you narrow your choices. When you have selected your airline, check their website for schedule and pricing. It may be surprising to note that prices on the search engines and on the airline’s own website sometimes will vary. When comparing travel costs take into consideration ancillary fees such as baggage fees, change fees etc.
Tip #6:  Pack light and ship the gifts
Baggage fees, fees, fees. Need I say more? Snow globes will be confiscated if found in carry-on bags. So will the wine. Check the gifts or ship them before you travel. Even the baby food needs to fit within the approved amount of liquid allowed on board. However, many airlines do not charge for baby strollers or child seats. Pre-wrapping any gifts in the luggage can be a waste of time and there’s a good chance they’ll be opened and checked by screeners.
Tip #7:  Check the TSA website
The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is really working hard to be as traveler friendly as possible while still maintaining the highest levels of security and fulfilling their federally mandated mission of protecting the public and the country. Their website is full of useful information. The following link will take you to the Travel Assistant page on their website which will answer many questions and help with your travel plans:
Tip #8:  Copy all documents, identification and credit cards
Make copies of all documents, identification, passports, credit cards, insurance cards and contact numbers. Store them in a separate location, apart from the actual items, so you’ll have copies of everything should you need to report them lost or stolen. Also, place identification inside your luggage. If the identification outside your luggage should disappear, and your bag is lost or stolen, identification inside the bag can solve lots of potential problems.
Tip #9:  Split up the valuables
If your wallet gets lost or stolen it will be less of an issue if you split up the credit cards, cash and other valuables.
Tip #10:  Carry a change of clothes
If you’re traveling internationally or making one or more stops on the way to your destination, carrying a change of clothes onboard can substantially lessen the headache of lost, stolen, or delayed baggage.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Long Beach Airport @ LB Green Fest

Long Beach Airport joined in the 3rd annual LB Green Fest in downtown this weekend. Airport staff provided info about the new terminal project- one of the most eco friendly in the nation.  The terminal will feature a variety of green aspects:
  • A solar paneled roof offsetting 13% of electric use
  • Water reduction through low flow faucets and toilets
  • A garden atrium featuring xeriscaping through native Southern California plants
  • Replacing diesel power equipment that tug passenger planes




Monday, May 23, 2011

Long Beach Airport - 2011 Pride Parade

This weekend, dozens of Airport friends and volunteers joined to represent our entry in the 2011 Long Beach Pride Parade. In one of the largest Pride events in the nation, tens of thousands lined the parade route to celebrate the festivities. Operations and Safety vehicles accompanied Airport friends through downtown Long Beach to support the community.

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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

From April 29th to May 2nd, 2011, Long Beach Airport was the site of the Wings of Freedom Tour.  Signature Aviation hosted the Collings Foundation's  flying museum (  Aircraft which were displayed included the P51 Mustang, B-24 Liberator, and B-17 Flying Fortress.  This particular B-17 was manufactured at the Douglas Factory in Long Beach in 1945.  It was used for military purposes and wildfire supression for decades and restored over several years back to flying condition. 

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

New Airport parking --- sneak preview

Join us on a tour of Long Beach Airport's new garage structure. In under one year, former surface parking lots B and C have been transformed into a five story garage for capacity of nearly 2000 cars.  The new garage is within easy walking distance of the main terminal and airport businesses.  Within the next few months, landscaping will be completed to include a park with views of the terminal.  The garage will open in mid-Summer for improved traveler convenience.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Happy Earth Day from Long Beach Airport...

Earlier this month, Long Beach Airport joined an Earth Day Celebration sponsored by the LB Water Department.   Hundreds of visitors joined to learn about conservation efforts of Southern California organizations.  The airport displayed initiatives designed to increase alternative energy sources, reduce water consumption, and show how our new airport terminal will be a leader in eco-friendly construction.

Happy Earth Day on Friday! 

More information on Long Beach Airport's green programs can be seen here: 


Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Takeoff: Welcome to the Long Beach Airport blog

Welcome to the Long Beach Airport official blog.  LGB will provide the latest news and information via regular posts.  Over the next several months, check our site regularly as we'll feature new details about the terminal modernization project, new parking garage opening, and events in & around the airport.  Please contact us at  if you'd like more information or suggest any topics we should cover.  

Thanks for flying Long Beach!